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Our 2019 Specialty Act For the Gary Hardt Memorial Rodeo is... 

Donnie Landis!

Donnie Landis is a fourth generation Rodeo cowboy. He grew up in a rodeo family. His Great Grand Dad was a pick-up man and his Grand Dad rode bucking horses. His mother was also involved as a rodeo secretary for many years. His father did most all, from riding rough stock, clowning, bullfighting and producing some of California’s greatest rodeos. His dad was also one of the founders of the CCPRA.


Donnie has been entertaining and working rodeos since age 12. He joined the PRCA at age 18. In addition to being selected to work the WNFR and the DNCFR he has worked rodeos, such has Salinas Ca, Houston TX., Pendleton Ore. and the Calgary Stamp

Facing the crowd, Donnie Landis hoists up his striped suspenders and begins to speak into the microphone: “You know, there’s only one difference between that bull and my wife … about 30 pounds.” His face crinkles into a laugh as the crowd roars. Donnie’s red ball nose sticks out prominently from under the brim of his black cowboy hat. Donnie is a veteran of the rodeo clown business. He’s worked the rodeo circuit for forty years, entertaining crowds and guarding bull riders all over the country.


Donnie Landis, the rodeo clown, is a level above in the entertainment business, regarded for making people laugh and have fun. Donnie performs in small-town rodeos with 1500 people in attendance and large venues with as many as 65,000 in attendance as Houston Rodeo. No matter where his ideas are the same, do the best you can every time. His attitude got him elected to perform at the super bowl of rodeo twice, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.


CONTACT Donnie Landis                    

P.O. Box 403, Gooding, ID 83330

(209) 840-0602


Our 2019 Specialty Act For the World's Oldest Continuous Rodeo Is...

Kevin Higley

More info coming soon!!