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Complete Membership Application and sign Code of Ethics.

  • Pay annual dues.

  • Attend monthly meetings.

  • Work rodeo, dances, special events.

  • After purchase of first-year shirt, is entitled to committee shirt for the second and third year of active membership.

  • Entitled to attend special Committee events (ie: steak fries, dinners, etc). 15-year buckle, 20-year gold card based on active membership.

  • Can receive a 10% Discount at Bob’s Western Wear.

  • Earns 3-5 year buckle,



  • Completes Membership Application annually. 15-year buckles, 20-year gold card, committee shirts.

  • Can attend monthly meetings

  • Work rodeo, dances, special events

  • At age 18, a former Jr. Member can apply to become an Adult Member.

  • Has an option of being a paid or an unpaid member

  • As a paid member they can earn 3-5 year buckles


  • Complete Volunteer application.

  • Work rodeo, dances, special events.

  • Although volunteers do not qualify for Member benefits, we could not put on the rodeos without them.


Payson Pro Rodeo Membership