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The term of all membership shall be for one (1) calendar year.  All renewal applications must be submitted annually along with the annual dues of $13.00.  New members must complete an application upon joining the Rodeo Committee and pay a $23.00 fee (annual dues of $13.00 plus an Initiation fee of $10.00).  New members must be approved by the board and will have a 90 day probationary period.  All new and renewal applications will be reviewed.  All fees shall be paid upon submission of the application and by the due date on the application.   

If you have any questions, please contact Barb Stroud 909-226-2892.

Active membership means participation in all regular and special meetings…a minimum of 60% unless from out-of-town or other special circumstances, as well as participation in at least one, preferably more, committees or assignments verifiable by committee chairperson.

If you are not active on at least one committee or assignment at each rodeo or have not paid your annual dues you will not be allowed to attend either rodeo or rodeo activities as a member of the rodeo committee

Renewal of membership and awards of committee buckles, shirts is based on an annual performance and participation review by the Board of Directors.

The Payson Rodeo Committee takes pleasure in rewarding its working members as follows:


  1. The committee shirt policy is “buy the first year, get following year free”.  Members in good standing are entitled to purchase their first Wrangler committee shirt (tan) complete with embroidered logos and individual’s name during their first year.  Tan shirts are to be worn during daytime performances.

  2. Second-year members in good standing are eligible to receive their following-one-free Wrangler committee shirt (white) complete with embroidered logos and individual’s name.  This shirt is to be worn during evening performances.

  3. Third-year members in good standing are eligible for an additional second free Wrangler committee shirt (red) with embroidered logos and individual’s name. 

The free shirts are funded by the 50/50 Raffle.

Qualifying members who have completed at least one year as an active member may purchase the second and third year shirts at their own cost, should they prefer not to wait for their free shirts.



Members of the Payson Rodeo Committee will become eligible for a committee belt buckle after a minimum of 3 years of active membership which includes working two rodeos or dances per year, attending meetings, and paid membership.  Eligibility is not automatic after 3 years, but subject to review by the Board of Directors / Buckle Committee, and depending on the level of participation and may not be awarded until after 4 or 5 years of service.  The “free” buckle is size small; medium or large buckles can be ordered as desired for an additional cost to be paid by the member.  The first $110.00 is funded by the 50/50 Raffle.


Upon completion of 15 continuous years of active membership in good standing, the Payson Rodeo Committee is honored to award this member with a 15 Year Devoted Member Buckle.  The award is a medium sized buckle, embellished according to the member’s preferences and committee guideline standards.  The first $110.00 is funded by the 50/50 Raffle.


Upon completion of 20 continuous years of active membership in good standing with the Payson Rodeo Committee, a member is eligible to receive a PRCA Gold Card.  This card allows them entrance into any Rodeo free of charge.


The Membership dues that you pay every year go toward the following:

  • Holiday Dinner

  • Steak Fry

  • Potlucks

  • Supplies

  • Membership Cards



Committee Member Positions


Committee Chair: John Landino  
928-468-0023 or 928-978-4744

Primary Function:           
Promote PPRC rodeo and events with all media outlets

Volunteers Needed: YES!


  • Advertising includes placement of all ads in print media and securing contracts for ads in broadcast media. This includes the production of commercials through broadcast media and approval of proofs in print media and digital delivery. Also, you work closely with our Webmaster and Facebook person.

  • Publicity includes getting PSAs into both print and broadcast media as well as design and production of posters, table tents and badge credentials for the rodeo.

  • Inquiries from our website and from other media sources as well as from organizations are also fielded in this committee.


Committee Chair:  Al Troogstad

Primary Function:       
Prepare and setup rodeo grounds for PPRC Events

Volunteers Needed:  YES



  • Inspect and repair if necessary all fences, pens, gates, bucking chutes, roping boxes, water troughs, etc.

  • Hall all of our equipment from storage units to the event center.

  • Setup the VIP area with tents, horse panels, tables, chairs, coke trailers, etc.

  • Setup electrical for VIP and vending area.

  • Setup south beer booth and tent.

  • Move in and setup safety trailer, souvenir trailer, VIP trailer, Rodeo Trail, ice trailer and light trailers.

  • Setup parking, pallets for hay and grain and quarantine pens.

  • Put up banners around area.

  • Identify location for dumpsters, port-a-johns, Ram truck, Coors Bus, Jumbotron and parking for contract personnel and map it.

  • Tear all down on Sunday


Lunch and drinks will be provided each day during setup


Committee. Chair:  Carolyn Haniford     602-446-5318

Primary Function:           
Sell banner sponsorships to local businesses

Volunteers  Needed: YES 




  • Sell banner sponsors to local Businesses

  • Hang banners in the arena, approximately 3-4 hours Thursday morning

  • Remove banners from the arena, approximately 1-2 hours Saturday Night

  • Wash and dry banners.

  • Place banners in storage.


Committee Chair:  Kim Bristol    

Primary Function:           
Plan for and supervise the dances for the rodeo

Volunteers Needed: YES



The purpose of this committee is to provide a safe, high energy, upscale “saloon in the dirt” experience for our rodeo guests, sponsors & contestants.
The dance starts immediately after the Friday & Saturday night performances of our August Rodeo, The World’s Oldest Continuous Rodeo.

In keeping with the professionalism of The Payson Pro Rodeo and our reputation in the rodeo community, volunteers must be reliable, responsible, and project the values of our committee.
Responsibilities of the committee include:

Before The Dance: Hire entertainment, handle band contracts
*Organize donations of craft supplies & decorations
*Design & oversee the making of decorations
*Design & distribute banners, posters & flyers (must be approved) *Set up the dance area of the tent during the rodeo performances

This has to be done both nights.  Must recruit & schedule volunteers to work the dance

During The Dance: 
Committee members and volunteers must be constantly vigilant about protecting the safety of our guests, our liquor license, and the reputation of our rodeo. This means mingling with the guests clearing tables, checking wristbands & watching for potential problems or signs of intoxication. Report any issues to the chair of the committee, board members or Security.

Volunteer Positions:

  • Bartender (must be approved by April Denney)

  • Bar backs

  • Host/Hostesses

  • Ticket seller/ID checkers

  • Picture takers for the photo area


Committee Chair:  John Clemmonds     

Primary Function:           
Stocking, selling and distribution of alcohol on Rodeo grounds. 


  • Check I.Ds

  • Wrist band all guests drinking alcohol 

  • Stock alcohol in Beer Booths

  • Sell Drink tickets

  • Serve Alcohol to guests

  • Work with Security to ensure everyone is drinking responsibly. 


Committee Chair:  Cate Thornton    

Primary Function:          
To raise money for scholarships and other community Charities

Volunteers Needed:   YES



  • Participate in parades, rodeos, and other Western related activities

  • Arrest guests to promote the rodeo

  • Maintain the Jail trailer

  • Transport the jail trailer to/from rodeo eve


Committee Chair:         
Barbara Stroud  909-226-2892
Elaine Putnam 928-476-3511
or 928-978-3464

Primary  Functions:        
Collecting membership dues

Duties :

  • Send out renewal application for the next year

  • Collect new & renewal applications

  • Collect membership dues

  • Update membership spreadsheets


Committee Chair:  Jill Mewhirter

Primary functions:

Selling 50/50 tickets to our guests


  • Selling 50/50 tickets either at the trailer or in the stands

  • Greeting our guests and making them feel welcome

  • Providing information about our rodeo


Committee Chair:  Jane Evans 
928-472-8430 or 480-244-9722

Primary functions: 
Selling raffle tickets to our guests



  • Selling raffle tickets

  • Greeting our guests and making them feel welcome

  • Providing information about our rodeo


Committee Chair:  Jane Evans 
928-472-8430 or 480-244-9722

Primary Functions:

  • Displaying and selling Reride merchandise in the booth

  • Greeting our guests and making them feel welcome

  • Providing information about our rodeo


Committee Chair:  Nicole DePugh

Primary Functions:  

Selling Payson Pro Rodeo Merchandise


Volunteers Needed: YES



Payson pro rodeo merchandise/souvenirs booth:


  • Merchandise sells Payson pro rodeo-themed apparel for women, men and kids.  

  • We keep our apparel trendy and fashion forward with apparel glitter and rhinestones for the women and the little cowgirls and regular print for men and the little cowboys as well.

  • We also work with Montana Silversmith and designed our own proprietary jewelry line for Payson pro rodeo. 


Committee Chair: Margaret Brooks

Primary Function:           

Provide parking areas for all attendees

Volunteers Needed:  YES


  • Measure and layout all parking areas

  • Establish Fire Lanes and Handicapped parking

  • Put in place a pedestrian walkway for guest safety

  • Tear down and cleanup parking areas post-rodeo

  • Collect Parking Money

  • Assist Other Committees as needed


Committee Chair:  Sue Ann Wile

Primary Function:           
Clean up rodeo grounds after each performance

Volunteers Needed: YES


  • Clean up after the rodeo 


Committee Chair:  Nancy Landino 
928-468-0026 or 928-978-6169

Primary Function:    
Encourage rodeo royalty to participate in rodeo performances

Volunteers Needed:   No




  • Communicate with Miss Rodeo Arizona, Miss Turquoise Circuit & other Arizona royalty to encourage them to attend our rodeos

  • Provide detailed information regarding each rodeo including a rodeo application and a waiver

  • Coordinate with the Event Manager at the Event Center regarding use of panels to accommodate horses and horse stall renting policies and pricing

  • Compile a listing of royalty participating in each rodeo & obtain complete application and waiver 1 week before the first rodeo in May and in August

  • Create a hot lap line-up for each performance including gal's name and title to be read by the rodeo announcer

  • Greet rodeo royalty and their families/guardians at the back gate approximately 3 hours before each rodeo, put wristbands on royalty and up to 2 family members, & sell reduced price wristbands for that performance to family members

  • Assign a royalty coordinator at the back gate to check-in the girls by 45 minutes before the start of each rodeo and provide the hot lap line-up to the announcer 20-30 minutes before the rodeo starts

  • Coordinate with Julie & Pat Brady who are in charge of lining up rodeo royalty and others who are not contestants but will be entering the arena from the northwest gate

  • Encourage rodeo royalty to assist with 50/50 sales or other product sales as appropriate


Committee Chair:  Darrell Stubbs 

Primary Function:           
Hospitality for contestants, rodeo workers, and sponsors

Volunteers Needed: YES


  • Oversee the food for contestants, rodeo workers and sponsors.

  • Oversee the bar and the sale of alcohol in the VIP area.

  • Oversee the sale of drink tickets.

  • Oversee ID wrist banding of guest that are drinking alcohol in the VIP area

  • Oversee security and the gate of VIP area

  • Promote sponsorships for the tent over VIP area.

  • Setup VIP area, tear down and cleanup.

  • Assist other committees as they need help.

  • Organize volunteers in the VIP area.

  • Provided a place where our sponsors, workers and contestants can relax, eat and have a good time.

  • Most of all provide a environment where all workers have a good time (FUN).

  • Coordinate all actives in the VIP area (Cowboy corral)


Committee Chair:  Damien Andren 

Primary Function:            

Provide a safe and secure environment for all attendees


Volunteers Needed:  YES


  • Checking ID’s and credentials

  • Manning access gates

  • Coordinating  emergency  fire/medical response

  • Liaison with local law enforcement at the rodeos

  • Coordinate Emergency Evacuation protocols

  • Screening entering  guests for weapons and alcohol

  • Enforce PPRC Safety protocols for our rodeo guests


Committee Chair: 
Ronald Tipps 
928-478-2669 or 928-978-5210
John Keebler 612-839-3113

Primary Function:           
Selling Rodeo Tickets

Volunteers Needed: YES


  • Contact local printing vendors

  • Organize volunteers to man ticket booths

  • Deliver pre-sale tickets to local businesses

  • There are several areas that are included in the Ticket area. 

    • There are attendants in the ticket booths

    • Attendants handling Will Call Tickets,

    • Tickets Takers

    • Day Sheet distributors.

  • Welcoming the guests of the rodeo with excellent customer service skills and assisting guests with questions about the rodeo. 

  • Selling tickets in the ticket booths, being able to work with cash and utilize credit card machines.

  • Distributing Will Call tickets to guests and verifying identification

  • As guests enter the front gate, collect ticket stubs, handing out day sheets and verifying that the ticket and/or credentials are valid for entrance into the rodeo

  • Hand stamp guests that need to leave the front gate with the intention of returning 


Committee Chair: Mindy Jordan

Primary Function:
get the proper vendors for our rodeo participants to enjoy their experience at our rodeos.

Volunteers needed: No.




  • Taking care of all vendors that apply for our rodeo (paper work, telephone calls.

  • Set up of vendors the day before the rodeo.

  • Seeing to our vendors needs, making sure they have coke products and ice

  • Making sure we have no trouble or problems with vendors interacting with each other and the public

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